Background to the Study

Over the centuries, libraries services have been the keepers and distributors of books, journals, maps and other materials that are used by students in the learning process. They have also been the legal deposit of part of the products of scholarly publications such as theses, dissertations, articles, technical reports, among others. In general, students have been patronizing the libraries of their schools to acquire knowledge. In order to make more contents available and thus benefit students and schools, pools of institutions have engaged in equipping of their libraries with different items and copies of books,  publications, journals,  among others (Abbey, 2011).

According David (2003) online libraries are quickly becoming the norm at all level of education both home and abroad as ways to expand the materials available to students and to help them improve their research skills. Online library is a system which provides resources and databases to support distance learners to conduct research or to consult information. It provides you with access to an amazing range of online resources to explore the subjects you are passionate about.

According to Fosmire, (2008) online libraries operate at three levels. The first is online information, specialized collections of materials, such as ones for engineers and scientists and collection of papers such as research projects, and other materials used by the students. The collection of paper and research is similar to traditional reserved materials, but with the online library, they are available always for at least 24 hours in a week.

Libraries are where books and traditional items such books,  publications, journals are  kept. Class notes, simulators, spread sheets and other materials created by schools are made available by their authors through hard copies distributed or sent to on-line.  Maxine (2012) asserted that the use of Information and Communication (ICT) tools have changed the hard copies distribution to computer and networked based solutions.

According to Jegede, (2010) is defined as a room or building where books are kept and referenced among others. A library is seen as a place where multivarious activities  are carried out. A library is a repository of knowledge, houses collections of books, both references, technical reports, periodicals, journals, conference proceedings among others are kept. Consequently, truth and knowledge can be found and acquired from the library through the aforementioned sources. The on-line information contents of any of the collections can be recorded on microfilms, audiotapes, microchips and other materials traditionally kept in the library connected to on-line library which is charged with the responsibility of acquiring, organizing, maintaining, and judicial circulation of the books and other library materials through the various sections of the library, for efficient use of the library by the users. All the circulatory section of the library must acquiring, organizing, maintaining and circulation of materials online

When the library through the acquisition section of the library acquires a book, its record is taken and accession number is given to the book after which the book will be sent to cataloguing section of the library. Under this section, the book will be carefully studied and given catalogue number before it will be sent to circulation section of the library as the case may be. The circulation section is responsible for circulation or distribution of books (Abbey, 2011).

This computer generation where ideas are easily search through Google needs to be encouraged to explore its school’s online libraries. The successful use of these libraries is contingent on several factors such as searching for new idea, provide material to student assignment, gives you access to quality-assured and trusted resources that are selected and assessed by subject specialists and academicians.

Having in view of this introduce the online library very well,  it is important to know that  the online libraries  have the same functions of traditional libraries except  that the online library have  additional functions and value due to their online and networked nature (David, 2003),

Statement of Problem

The study is to examine the utilization of  on-line library. Problems identified with students of secondary schools on the utilization of online library is that most of the students made mistakes in using online library, this is because most student do not understand the computer and operating systems and this as make the use of online library difficult.  Some teachers  are also not computer literate, they do not have  knowledge on how to browse or search for information online this has led  to poor utilization of on-line library among schools. It is on this basis the study investigate the utilization of online library services in teaching computer among secondary school.



Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the research is to examine the utilization of Online Library Services in teaching of computer among secondary schools students.

The study will also examine students awareness of  benefits of online library services and challenges faced by students in using online library services in teaching computer. It  will also investigate if there are online library service  facilities in teaching computer  in their various schools

Research Questions                               

For the purpose of the study, the following research questions were raised:

  1. Are students aware of online library services?
  2. What is the level of students’ knowledge of the benefits of online library services in teaching computer ?
  3. What are the challenges students are facing in the use of online library services?

Significance of the Study

The study will be of a great benefits to students, school management, parent and the society at large. Therefore, the findings of this research work will reveal to students the benefit of online library services in teaching computer. It would revealed to the students and school management  challenges facing the use of online library  service in teaching computer.

The study would contribute to existing knowledge and serve as a guide to student who may want to carry out research on this topic or related topic.

It enable parents to know importance of online library and provide necessary assistance to their children. Since we are in technology world, it would given the society access to materials online. Online library would enable the society at large to share and received information with ease.

Delimitation of the Study

This study was restricted to four (4) Secondary Schools within Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

Definition of Terms

          The following terms are operational defined as used in the study:

Computer: Computer is a course study in school.

Library Services: These are the resources provided by libraries to meet user’s needs.

Online library: It’s an electronic or online device through which books, journals, novels, articles, or any other information can be received/contacted.

The Users: The user here refers to the students or the people who make use of the library

Visual Library System: It is an application or program designed by researchers to manage library operations.



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