The past questions you are about to study was compiled by  Taiye and drafted from TRCN past questions from the past years.

During the examination, you will be expected to answer questions depending on your respective registration categories; A,B,C & D. The options ticked with red are the correct answers.

  1. Tools that drive appropriate education for learners with disabilities.
  2. a) Open
  3. b) Inclusive Education
  4. c) Individualized Education & Family Service Programmes
  5. d) Group Educational Programmes
  6. Principles of organizing includes the following except—-
  7. a) Evaluation
  8. b) Cooperation
  9. c) Unity of Objective
  10. d) Diversity of Objective.
  11. The following are examples of the new book of knowledge (NBK)
  12. a) Specialized Encyclopedia
  13. b) General Dictionary
  14. c) General Encyclopedia
  15. d) Subject Directory
  16. “Impressions made upon the children at home determines the child’s personality”, is a concept of—
  17. a) Para-analysis
  18. b) Socio-analysis
  19. c) Psycho-analysis
  20. d) Psycholinguistics
  21. Tools that aid the education of the visually impaired exclude the following…
  22. a) Talking Calculator
  23. b) The Braille
  24. c) Simulations
  25. d) Duxbury word processor
  26. The import of research in special need education excludes to—
  27. a) Evaluate authenticity of concepts in the field.
  28. b) Assess effects of beliefs and decisions
  29. c) Assess effectiveness of programme
  30. d) Contribute theories in the field
  31. Enculturation indicates
  32. a) Cultivation of culture
  33. b) Cultural Mix
  34. c) Internalization of Native culture
  35. d) Cultural Change
  36. Express ¾ as a decimal fraction


{a} 0.85 {b} 0.75 {c} 0.65 {0.45}

  1. Dominant large class sizes especially in Nigerian schools can be curbed using Montessori’s model of—
  2. a) Freedom of the child
  3. b) Individualized Instruction
  4. c) Professional Training of Teachers
  5. d) Sensory and Physical exercise
  6. “Ultimate Reality” in view of idealist is
  7. a) Physical
  8. b) Mental
  9. c) Material
  10. d) Objective
  11. Environment of effective classroom interaction is
  12. a) Noisy
  13. b) Silent
  14. c) Interactive
  15. d) Engaging
  16. George Orwell’s Animal Farm” is a classic example of—
  17. a) Injustice
  18. b) Social Stratification
  19. c) Injustice
  20. d) Social Diversity


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