The common use of fabrics such as
polyester, nylon, rayon other than cotton has brought about poor quality of
interior decoration. This study therefore aimed at educating the society about the
use of quilted bed sheet in interior decoration.
Ondo West Local Government Area of
Ondo State being a metropolitan area was purposively selected for this study.
One hundred and fifty structured questionnaires were randomly administered on
45 males 105 females in the study area.
The findings of the study showed that
very high percentage of the respondents were in agreement that interior
decoration is the act of beautifying the indoor areas of the house. Respondent
of below average believed that cotton fabrics should be used for decoration
more than other fabrics because of its better washing and heat resistance
qualities. Furthermore high percentage stated that they have being using
quilted bed sheet to decorate their homes, while low percentage claimed not to
use quilted bed sheet because it is expensive.
The study revealed that the
respondents that were not using quilted bed sheet for interior decoration is
lack of knowledge about r good qualities over other fabrics materials.
Awareness should therefore be created on the advantages of cotton fabrics over
other decorative fabrics.

Title page
Approved page
Table of contents
Statement of the Study
Objective of the Study
Need for Study
Literature Review
History of Interior Decoration
Basic Principles of Art and Element
of Design in Interior Decoration
The use of Quilted Bedsheet in Home
Interior Decoration
Reasons for using Quilted Bedsheet in
Home Interior Decoration
The importance of using Quilted
Bedsheet in Home Interior Decoration
Data Analysis


Anyakoha (2001) defined interior decoration
as the art of beautifying rooms and other indoor areas of a house so that they
become attractive, comfortable and useful.
Encyclopedia Americana (2003) emphasized that “the terms
interior decorating and interior design are sometimes used interchangeable;
each discipline exhibits a distinct difference in its scope.  Interior decorating is generally focused on
the selection and presentation of interior items within a space, such as furniture,
accessories, finishes and room layout.
Quilting is a decorative means of
stitching together two or three layers of materials and it has since developed
into a work of art.
Quilting was originally devised as a
means of producing crude warm clothing and bed covers.
However it has since been developed
so much that it is now a way of decorating clothing materials.
Although Nigeria in not in a
temporate region where warmth is needed throughout the year round, but this
particular types of material is not doubt using during the raining and harmattan
Quilting is one of the oldest world
farms of embroidery.  There is a long
standing tradition of quilting in Britain
particularly in the North East around Durham
and South West which has endued separately so much that it has become a native
Although his basic quilting technique
is usually associated with the making of a bed covering.
It is often decoratively applied
today to sections of such garments such as dressing gown, waistcoat etc.
Quilting such as accessories for the
home such as cushions and wall hangings. 
The padding giving an attractive relief effect.  Quilting is also suitable for tea cover, cot
cover and bed sheet.
There are many types of quilting but
the most important one which are the main types that can be used in quilting
are English, Italian and trap unto each of which possesses it’s own
characteristics and working methods but the factor which all have in common is
surface relief.
Also there are so many types of
quilting designs, there are all over patterns, outline patterns, ornamental
motifs and Boarders pattern.
The history of quilting can also be
traced to the first century BC (Before Christ) and is still used all over the
world for instance, it is characteristics of Indian and person clothing.  The word “Quilt” comes from the Latin
“Culcita” meaning something padded. 
Quilting was particularly popular for clothing in the seventeen century,
when petti coat, waistcoat were quilted.
Quilting can also be traced from
first Lord.  Romney who gives these
quilting clothes to her son’s wife before she died as one of her hair
looms.  This is said to be an hundred
years ago.  Quilting which is as old as
embroidery itself has it’s genesis in Britain.
This dresses, wall decoration,
slippers, handbags to mention few are now quilted to beautify them.
All types of quilting can be carried
out either by machine stitching or hand stitching with certain obvious but
basic difference in their application.
As explained by Emily (2002) “Opportunity in a fresh approach to decorating are
enhanced by custom which, in the course of years has changed the procedure from
stylistic period decoration to the modern one of decorating for practical
Information is the subject however,
is dependent upon the mutations of times because as old styles are discarded
and new methods and techniques developed in their stead, there is a more
flexible techniques for decorating an interior that fits a corresponding more
relaxed and flexible way of living; the occupant of a house or apartment is
induced to express idea in decoration not by rote, but for his own use and as a
part of his own experience.
Anyakoha (2001) further explained
that “rooms floors, walis, windows and ceilings served as background for
interior decoration and are often decorated using furniture and fixtures,
carpets and rugs, lighting, paint, hanging, flowers as well as many other items
that may contribute to the creation of an interior that is beautiful.
Quilted Bedsheet have been used by
some people in decorating their homes and hotels because of its good
properties.  Many people believed that
quilted bedsheet is very expensive as a result of this they have not been using
it in decorating their homes.
Statement of the Study
Through the little knowledge of the
people about quilting this essay project was carried out to enable people have
more knowledge on the importance of quilting and also to let the people to
understand how to work out quilting on bed spread and enlighten people to know
the materials needed for working out the pattern.
Reading through this essay will not depend
much on Ready – made quilting materials as people will be able to make
improvise quilting bed spread.
Objective of the Study
the end of this study people should have the knowledge of applying quilting in
their bed spread as decoration.
enrich one’s life and that if others through the effective use of one’s leisure
was comforted with the problem of found for traveling up and down to find
textbooks on quilting, but unfortunately, there is no enough textbooks.
people which were consulted for more enlightenment said they have not knowledge
of quilting.
Need for Study
Indeed the task of researching on
quilting is particularly arduous because this system of embroidery is still in
it’s infancy in Nigeria.
I have decided to embark on this
quilting project in order to make people aware of the various techniques in
using materials to make different types of quilting in their homes.
It is also geared towards broadening
the knowledge of the application of quilting in people’s dresses, bed spread,
wall hanger etc. for decorative purpose.

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