Ikogosi Warm Springs Project

Project:                 Ikogosi Warm Springs Project

Community:        Ikogosi  Town

Geographical Location: Ikogosi is located in Ekiti West Local Government Area in ekiti state

History of the Community

Ikogosi is located in Ekiti West local government area in Ekiti State with administrative headquarters in the town of Aramoko. Ekiti West local government area falls within the central senatorial district of Ekiti State otherwise known as Ekiti Central Senatorial District alongside Ado-Ekiti, Irepodun/Ifelodun, Ijero and Efon local government areas. Ekiti West local government area also forms a federal constituency alongside Ijero and Efon local government areas.Ekiti West local government area covers an area of 366 km². The local government area is bounded to the north by Ijero local government area, to the east by Irepodun/Ifelodun local government area, to the south by Ekiti South-West local government area, and to the west by Efon local government area.The Ekiti West local government council is in charge of public administration in Ekiti West local government area. The council is led by a chairman who is the executive head of the local government. The Ekiti West legislative council make laws governing EkitiWest local government area. It consists of 11 Councillors representing the 11 wards of the local government area.

Ikogosi Warm Springs Project

Ikogosi Warm Springsis surrounded beautifully with natural and rich vegetation.Flowing alongside the warm spring is a cold spring, converging and maintaining their thermal properties. These attributes make the spring a tourist attraction in Nigeria. Research has it that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence. The springs sprout out and flow with a constant temperature and volume all-year round.

A myth surrounding the origin and discovery of the Warm and Cold Spring is that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of a great hunter. One of his wives was said to be temperamental while the other was a quiet woman. One day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husband, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring.

Ikogosi Spring is known for its unique curative power. It is widely-believed to have some kind of therapeutic effect which relieves body aches and all sorts of ailments.

It is definitely a tourist attraction and lots of tourists visiting the place take advantage of the large warm water swimming pool provided for this purpose and other recreational needs.

What led to development of the Project

What led to the project was as a result of Governor KayodeFayemi’s interest. Speaking on what informed his interest in the tourism sector, Gov. Fayemi said’’ my desire to transform Ekiti especially Ikogosi warm spring into a resort of international standard attracting the jet set crowd of the society, tourists and travel-enthusiasts lured me into this, you’ve not seen anything yet. What you have seen is just a caricature of the real thing that we are putting on ground.

How the project was carried out

On how much the first phase of the project gulped? Mr. Sesan in response revealed that the whole project is being financed by the Ekiti state Government and would gulp 1.35 Billion Naira which would be worth it all the way. The facilities and structures which are there now are just for the first phase of the three phases initiative which will culminate in a golf course, a helipad, a games village, a wild life park, a cable car and other range of tourists facilities’’. The governor added that this has always been the desire of the people of Ekiti State stating that the first phase will tell the world considering their confidence, supports and understanding and thus enable the execution of the two other phases. Speaking further, Gov. Fayemi disclosed that his education and exposure having travelled to different parts of the world played a huge role in his yearning for a tourism state though he also have special interests in anything which will add value to the development of the society, particularly any project which is capable of changing the status of the common people for better. ‘’I sure know the important of importing a deluge of people; I mean heavy traffic to a state, I mean heavy tourist traffic to a state. I know what and what to put in place to have this effect in any creative environment which Ikogosi Warm springs offers. I also know that tourism propels an economy by mobilizing wealth, creates employment, empowering and initiating development.”On why he chooses to tow a different part and not follow the style of his predecessor who did not see the need to transform the resorts into a tourism village? “It will be wrong for me to follow the line of my predecessor because the fact is, I see what they didn’t see in Ikogosi, I know the economic wonder which the full enhancement of Ikogosi Warm Spring will perform in the lives of my people, the Economy of the state and Nigeria. “This is why my government is making it a priority of development. And I assure you, we will not rest on our oars until Ikogosi warm spring becomes the best tourism resort in Nigeria.” The governor did not also hesitate to shed lights on the sustainability plan for the multi billion naira project. “My exposure and interactions with people of different races as well as my understanding of how and why organizations, companies and concerns crumbled have enabled me to know that tourism vision is not only about building great edifices, planting out-of-this-world infrastructure and mounting first class facilities but what can make it sustainable is the richness of service which it renders. And that’s why we have put up with Mantis, we are looking for a partner that understands rural resorts, that understands theme park, a partner that knows how to run a games reserve, a partner that can combine all with operating a hotel in the city. “A   research was carried and  found out Mantis squarely fits in better than others who are mainly good at operating chains of hotels in various cities of the world’’. He concluded by saying that working with Mantis is a blessing because it was realized that the group had previously carried out a detailed research on Ikogosi forest and has the list of all unique flora and fauna which are endemic to the place. In his conclusion, Dr. Fayemi mandated the team of the Tourism Writers to make sure they monitor and repeat the visit come October when the project`s first phase was brought to bear. Faith Irabor was also part of the visit to the Governor.



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