This research was aimed at finding out the factors responsible for the poor performance in mathematics among secondary school students in Ado local government area of Ekiti State. Questionnaires were administered to (200) two hundred students in randomly selected schools. The analysis of the data revealed that among other factors militating against students good performance in mathematics are lack of qualified teachers, lack of instructional materials, inadequate teaching methods and students attitude toward the subject. It is one this note that recommendation were made as to how to improve or solve these problems and also for further studies.

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CHAPTER ONE                                                    
Background of the Study                                                                                         
Statement of the Problem                                                                                        
Purpose of the Study                                                                                   
Significant of the Study                                                                
Research Hypothesis
Research Questions   
Delimitation of the Study                                                                            
CHAPTER TWO: Review of Literature                                                 
Literature Review                                                                                         

  1. The purpose of teaching mathematics?
  2. Who is qualified to teach mathematics?
  3. Problems relating to the causes of students poor performance in mathematics?
  4. Lack of adequate professional qualified teachers
  5. Lack of instructional materials
  6. Inappropriate use of teaching methods
  7. Insufficient infrastructure and equipment
  8. Students study habit.
  9. Low self-concept
  10. Lack of appreciation.

Research Method                                                                                                         
Research Design                                                                                           
Population of the Study                                                                              
Sample and Sampling Technique                                                                  
Research Instrument                                                                         
Validity of the Instrument                                                              
Administration of Instrument                                                                       
Method of Data Analysis                                                                             
Data Analysis and Interpretation                                              
CHAPTER FIVE: Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation
Background of the Study
Mathematics is one of the most importance subjects in the school curriculum worldwide. It is a subject that has direct relationship with other subjects, particularly technical and science. Mathematics is a also a subject that cut across primary and secondary school as a compulsory subject. Umameh, (2011) in Tshabalala and Ncube (2013) was of the view that mathematics is bed rock and an indispensable tool for scientific, technological and economic advancement of any nation. In addition to that Davies and Hersk, (2012) see mathematics as the important subject not only from the point of view of getting an academic qualification at school or college, but also is a subject that prepares that students life they choose. Therefore, mathematics is a subject that education and human life cannot function effectively without it.
Poor academic performance has been a general problem all over the country and lot of investigation has been carried out to know where the problem lies but the problem still persists. The factors that influence academic performance of student have attracted the interest and concern of teachers, counselors, psychologists, researchers and school administrator in Nigeria. This is because of the public outcries concerning the low standard of education in the country. According to Aremu (200), poor performance is a performance that adjudged by the examines or testes and some significant as falling below an expected standard. The interpretation of this expected or desire standard is better appreciated from the perpetual cognitive ability of the evaluator of the performance. The evaluator or assessor can therefore give different interpretations depending on some factors. While Bankare (1994) as cited in Abdullahi (2013) described poor academic performance as any performance that falls below a desired standard. The criteria of excellence can be from 40% to 100% depending on some subjective criteria of the evaluator or assessor. Just as in Universities in Nigeria, any grade below 40% is considered as poor or failed.
However, it is disheartening to note that will all the importance attached to mathematics in Nigeria‚Äôs education system, poor performance is recorded in both public and private secondary schools. The poor performance in mathematics is one of the major reason for decline in science and technology course and development, even though FGN (1998) emphasis on 60:40 ratio in favour of sciences in the area of admission into higher institutions. Ukeje (1977) in Ojimba, (2012) was of the view that without mathematics, there is no science, without science there is no modern technology and without modern technology there is no modern society. Despite the importance attached to mathematics by all stakeholders in education, senior secondary school, students still perform poorly.   
Statement of the Problem
Many reasons have been advanced for this abnormality such as whether the teachers are responsible and whether the students themselves are responsible for their poor performance. The study sought to investigate the major causes of poor performance in mathematics among secondary school students. Inspite of the significant role played by mathematics both in enhancing comprehension of other subjects and its general role in life, learners continue to fail the subject at various levels in the school system, particularly at secondary school. There is therefore need to investigate the factors or cause of poor performance in mathematics among secondary school students in Ado Local Government Ares of Ekiti State.
Purpose of the Study
The aim of this study is to find out the cases and remedies of students poor performance mathematics in senior secondary school with special reference to Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State.
      It aimed specifically of professional qualified teachers, lack of sufficient and appropriate teaching aids students economic background and teaching methods are responsible for the poor performance of students in mathematics.
Research Questions
The study attempts to find answers to the under mentioned questions and find out where the problem lies.

  1. Is there any relationship between teacher qualification and the performance of student in mathematics?
  2. Is there any relationship between the lack of instructional materials and students performance in mathematics?
  3. Is there any relationship between students economic background and the performance of student in mathematics?

Research Hypotheses
From the above analysis, the following hypotheses are hereby made.

  1. There is no relationship between lack of professional qualified teacher and students performance in mathematics
  2. There is no relationship between lack of instructional materials and students performance in mathematics
  3. There is no relationship between students economic background and the students performance in mathematics

Significance of the Study
Since there are several factors affecting the education of a child, this study therefore will students poor performance in mathematics in the secondary school having Ado Local Government Area as a case study.
This project is significant in that:

  1. It will reveal some weakness connected with the teaching mathematics in the school selected for investigation.
  2. The outcome may lead to improvement in the teaching of mathematics especially in the area of teaching materials, teacher qualification, students and their attitude toward the subject.
  3. This project is one of the pre-requisite for the awards of Degree holder
  4. Finally the information contained in this project work will serve as a reference to teachers of mathematics future researchers in the area of Mathematics Education.

Delimitation of the Study
      This study was limited to select secondary schools in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State which is one out of 16 local governments in the state. Three of the schools are government owned while the other two are privately financed government approved schools.

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