This research is an overview of the student’s performance in Business Studies  in some selected Senior Area of Ekiti State.

Questionnaires were administered by the researcher to both tutors and students of Business Studies of Accounts in schools concerned from this research were collected and analyzed using percentile method. The research brought into focus various factors influencing the performance Students in the subject. Emphasis was laid on the attribution of the tutors, the government and the students.

In addition, the significance of adequate textbooks and availability of necessary materials were also brought into focus. Necessary recommendations were made with a view of improving the overall students performance in Business Studies of Accounts.

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Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Research Question

Research Hypotheses

Definition of the terms


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Conceptual Framework.

 Academic performance and Assessment


Types of Assessment

Business Studies

Business Studies as a Subject

Business Studies as a social science

Feature of Assessment

Principle of teaching in Business Studies

Factors affecting student’s Academic performance in Business Studies


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Research Design


Sample and Sampling Procedure

Research Instrument

Administration of Instrument

Methods of Data collection

Methods of Data Analysis


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 Analytical Method

Research questions










          Assessment is carried out almost in all fast facets of life. It is utilized to determine the value of an object and the effectiveness of a program or the performance of a certain learner. In Education, assessment accounting to Ezewu and Okoye (2011) involves all activities carried out to determine the extent of the performance of a student in a school up to a particular point in a time.

          Assessment is the process of gathering information and making judgments about students achievement for a variety of purposes. And also is the systematic collection, review and use of information about educational programs under taken for the purpose of improving student learning and development.

          Olaitan (2016) expressed that the observed and result of teaching learning activity is based on the students ability to perform satisfactorily and independently on such activities, skill and attitude as concerned to Godwom 2013) is the actual accomplishment of learning and distinguished from potential ability.

          Educational assessment seeks to determine how well students are learning and is an integral part of the quest for improved education. It provides feedback to students, educators, policy makers, and the public about the effectiveness of educational services.

Assessment steps are :-

  1. Develop learning objectives
  2. Checks for alignment between the curriculum and the objectives.
  3. Develop and assessment plan must use direct measures.
  4. Collect assessment data
  5. Use results to improve the program.
  6. Routing examine the assessment process and correct, as needed.

Nanassely (2007) argues that business studies is that aspect of total education program that provides knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding needed to perform in the business world as procedure or consumer of goods and services that business offers. It is not worthy that business studies involves teaching students the fundamental theories and process of business in various level of education which include secondary school and higher institution, approximately 38% of student enroll in one or more business courses during their secondary school programs.

   Ugwochukwu (2007) stated that business studies is a concept that can be defined in so many ways by several people to suit different situation and purpose some defined it from the way it is taught in schools.

   Business studies can be defined as the activity of buying and selling commodities, products or services etc. Also, It can be refer to those business subjects taught at the secondary school level such as book keeping and shorthand.

             Business studies comprise office practice, commerce, book keeping, type writing ad shorthand. Tone et al (2007) asserts that business education is a good vocational education as it prepares its recipient for work in all phases of business.

   The study of business studies is about how individuals and group of people organize, plan and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers.

Business-studies influenced and impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day.

   Business studies help students to make more decisions in their everyday business of loving. It gives students a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages students to think about how and why you too might also consider starting a business.


   Generally vocational subjects were introduced into the junior secondary school curriculum by the Federal Government with the aim of preparing the students for a chosen vocation (NPE2004). In order to achieve this objectives, the federal government hasbeen embarking on the training of vocational teachers through a program known as Technical Teacher Training Program (TTTP). The program is meant to up grade and improve the skills of vocational science teachers.

Business studies were included in the curriculum as a subject with the aim of preparing its recipients for work in all phases of business. Through; the 1998 National Policy on Education gives each school the chance of choosing its own option among the vocational subjects, but the research noticed that nearly all schools within Ikere – Local Government Area of Ekiti State do offer the subjects.

Also, it is observed the subject is offered by both male and female students in the schools while it appears that more attention is placed on it over and above other pre-vocational subjects like introductory Technology, Fine Art, Practical Agric and Home-Economics.

In addition, there have since been tremendous increase in the number of business studies teachers posted to teach in secondary schools. In the light of all those and since the success of any teaching and learning process is the evident in the general performance of studies in a subject.

The research of the program through by ending out the performance of the students.


The main purpose of the study is to carry out an assessment on the secondary school students academic performances in business studies at Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

Specifically, the study aimed at;

  1. To examine the attitude of students towards business studies affect their performance in examination.
  2. To examine the roles the tutors play in order to ensure that students perform better on business studies examination.
  3. To examine the influence of home background of students on their performance in business studies.
  4. To examine the availability of instructional materials affect students performance.


          The findings of this study could be beneficial to the teachers, the school

          The result of the several assessments could help in discovering whether the teaching and learning process of the subject on the entire local governments successful or not while the comparable outcome of male and female students result will indicate where more effort is required.

          Also in finding out the factors limiting the students performance, the school administrators and the government would be assisted in identifying the resources that are lacking in schools.
          The teachers could also be helped in identifying their short comings and how best they can help the students.


          The study was delimited to JSSIII students in secondary school in Ikere Local Government. Attention was focused on the students general performance in business studies, the study also focused on comparing the level performance of male and female students as well as the factors militating against their performance.


In order to achieve the objective this study, the following question were formulated to guide the study.

  1. What are the attitude of students towards business studies affect their What roles the tutors play in order to ensure the students perform better on business studies examination.
  2. What influence has the home background of students on their performance in business studies?
  3. How does availability of instructional materials affect studentsperformance?


  1. There is no significant difference in the attitude of students towards business studies affect their performance in examination.
  2. There is no significant difference in the roles tutors play in order to ensure the students perform better on business studies examination.
  3. There is no significant difference in the influence has the home background of students on their performance in business studies.
  4. There is no significant difference in the availability of instructional materials affect student’s performance.


  1. Performance:- is an act of performing good performance. These are the scores between 40 and 100
  2. Assessment:- Is defined as the test administered an learners after a series of lesson usually covering many different concepts or topic.
  3. Periodic Assessment:- periodic assessment are more frequent. These come at occasional periods during the term other monthly, for nightly.

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